Salter Precision Electronic Scale up to 500g (0-200g .05g 200-500g .1g)

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Originating as a family business and now the UK’s oldest housewares brand, Salter is as trusted today as it always has been.

This precision product from Salter is the best kitchen scale for weighing small or precious ingredients accurately. Showing measurement changes in as little as 0.05g increments, you can follow any recipe to the exact detail. There’s the option to switch between metric and imperial, while all figures are read clearly on the large backlit display. This cooking scale is also cleverly designed as the weighing tray can be removed and clipped over the body to stop dust gathering when you store it away. If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product and keep it away from children. If you think batteries have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.

  • Specially designed to weigh small or precious items with ultimate precision
  • 500g / 0.05g increments
  • Max weight x resolutions: 0-200g x 0.05g, 200-500g x 0.1g, 10oz x 0.02oz
  • Weighing tray clips over scale for neat, dust-free storage
  • Large and clear backlit display
  • Compact and discreet design - fits into your pocket or bag for use on the go
  • 2 x CR2032 Batteries included
Salter Precision Electronic Scale up to 500g (0-200g .05g 200-500g .1g)Salter Precision Electronic Scale up to 500g (0-200g .05g 200-500g .1g)