Krosno Harmony Champagne Coupe 240ml 6pc GB

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Enter a world of class and stylish sophistication with Krosno's Harmony collection of beautifully crafted glassware.

Each piece is carefully constructed from premium crystalline glass, bringing you glassware with improved clarity, tone, and durability for a lively night of entertaining. Krosno's glasses are crafted in Poland with its rich history of glassware crafting, bringing you timeless pieces.



  • Set of 6
  • Made from premium crystalline glass
  • 240ml capacity
  • Measures approximately 17cm x 11.2cm
  • Lead-free
  • Shallow bowl allows for versatility as a dessert dish or cocktail glass
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Gift box packaged
  • Made in Poland


Krosno Harmony Champagne Coupe 240ml 6pc GB