Avanti Glass Tube Deep Fry Candy Thermometer

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  • Temperature range 25°C to 205°C
  • Dual celsius/fahrenheit display
  • Durable tempered glass construction
  • Large legible display dial
  • Handy cookware clip with heat resistant knob


  1. Attach thermometer to edge of pan utilising the spring-steel clip which is fitted to the glass vial.
  2. Slide the thermometer vial through the clip until its point extends at least 6.5cm into the liquid. For absolute accuracy, it is important to ensure that the vial's point is not touching the cookware's base or sides.
  3. For cleaning, remove clip and carefully wash glass vial in mild detergent and hot water. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
  4. DO NOT use thermometer in a microwave oven


This product can get extremely hot when in use and this coupled with its glass construction makes it potentially dangerous. For safety sake, handle with care and always keep out of the reach of children.

Avanti Glass Tube Deep Fry Candy Thermometer