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Granite Icicle White-Pinot Noir Large (95hrs)

Living Light

Luxuriously fragranced, this natural plant and New Zealand bees wax candle develops a unique lace pattern as it burns, creating its own sculptural work of art. As the melted wax drips over the side of the candle it quickly drys, creating an icicle effect.

This number one selling Icicle candle took hours, days, weeks of development. Its unique qualities are created by differing heat temperatures between the bees wax and the plant wax, plus the perfect size wick.
  • 100 Hour burn time
  • Made in New Zealand
Size: 37.2xm x7cm x 3cm
Burn time: 100 Hours

Barcode: 9415089630528


All Living Light scents are made using blends of pure essential oils and premium fragrances. Some revitalise and others relax – read through our list of descriptions below to find your favourite scent.

Tip: When smelling candles, always smell from the base of the candle to get the strongest scent.

BLACKCURRANT - Reviving. A nurturing blend of lychee and citrus, teamed with a hint of rose, lavender and vetiver.

BUG REPELLENT - Fresh and crisp. A citronella blend of essential oils of cedarwood, lemon and citronella, tea tree and lavender. The bugs will just stay away!

CITRUS BLACKCURRANT - Fresh and Nurturing. Revitalising citrus tones, balanced with the warmth of blackcurrant, floral notes of rose and a woody hint of sandalwood.

FRANGIPANI – Sensual and Tropical. A complex, rich and floral fragrance, with notes of pineapple, grape and coconut.

GERANIUM BASIL- Tranquil and Refreshing. Delightful geranium, blended with basil becomes a soothing fragrance with a slight sweetness. Particularly good for cleansing household smells.

GINGER VANILLA ORANGE - Tantalising and Uplifting. Sweet but spicy blend. Melts away tension, clears the head and lifts the spirit.

GREEN APPLE – Vibrant and Fresh. A crisp scent with hints of rose, white grape, uplifting orange flower and lemon grass.

GUAVA – Sweet and Fruity. Notes of grape, apple and rose with a tropical citrusy base of tantalising lime.

KITCHEN – Cleansing and Refreshing. Essential oils of zesty lemon grass, bergamot and a hint of rosemary. Perfect for removing cooking smells.

LEMON GRASS - Fresh and Invigorating. Cleansing citrusy zest for the home environment.

OCEAN SAGE - Cheerful and Relaxing. Blended from the essential oils of peppermint, sage and pomegranate.

PAPRIKA AMBER - Exotic and Sensual. Smoky notes enriched with undertones of floral citrus give a subtle hint of the exotic.

PINOT GRIS - Sweet and Soothing. A geranium and basil blend, with a calming sweetness.

PINOT NOIR – Luscious and Inviting. A full fragrance resonating red grapes and laurel, with balmy tones of vanilla, cinnamon, clove and almonds.

PLUMERIA - Romantic and Elegant. A sweet, feminine fragrance blended with essential oils of rose, geranium, chamomile and bergamot.

POHUTUKAWA – Warm and Cheerful. A zesty blend of red currant, white pepper, cinnamon and clove, to captivate the spirit of celebration.

RED CURRANT – Sweet and spicy. With essential oils of rose, geranium, chamomile and bergamot.

REFRESH – Energising and Fresh. A blend of cheerful lime, balanced with the sweetness of orange and tangy grapefruit.

REVIVE (see Refresh)

RIESLING - Rich and Tantalising. White grape and apple notes, with rose and orange flower over a musky fruity base.

ROSE - Romantic and Delicate. Velvety and soft, with a spicy touch, make this floral blend one of our most popular fragrances.

SAGE & SANDALWOOD - Woody and Mysterious. A soft and soothing woody aroma.

SANDALWOOD – Earthy and Exotic. Warm and mysterious, a classic fragrance.

SANGUINELLI ORANGE & FENNEL – Spicy and Festive. A deep, sweet scent of spanish orange and a hint of fennel.

SAUVIGNON BLANC - Fresh and Calming. Blackcurrant with hints of citrus and rose, on a deep woody base of sandalwood.

SENSUAL – Rich and Exotic. A combination of orange and patchouli with highlights of exotic ylang ylang and floral neroli.

TEABERRY - Sweet and Floral. A cheerful blend of raspberries, blackberries and elderberries.

VANILLA - Soothing and Nurturing. This creamy, sweet scent invokes childhood memories of delicious treats.

VANILLA COCONUT - Playful and Tropical. The gourmet blend of coconut and vanilla pod will transport you to a palm-fringed beach.

WELL BEING – Revitalising and Uplifting. A blend of rosemary, bergamot and lemon with crisp juniper berry, gives a sense of rejuvenation.

WHITE SPICE – Warm and Spicy. Orange and cinnamon on a light sandalwood base with undertones of oriental spices, reminding you of Christmas cheer.